Baby Stroller Soft Plush Hanging Toy for Car Seat Stroller (Owl 25cm / 9.8in)


Multipurpose: Baby hand -handled waves and drum toys are widely used. They can be used to accompany the child, and they can also let the baby learn colors and animals when playing.
Cute Animal: Baby hanging toy design has a cute animal shape that can be hung by a baby car or bed to attract the baby’s attention.
Interesting Sound: Baby car plush toys can make a ding, waves, and wrinkles, which can bring infinite fun to children.
Exquisite Toys: Baby comforts toys, can accompany the child to happy time, suitable for playing in the car, home, stroller or traveling.
Soft Plush: Baby car toys are made of plush materials, which are very soft and comfortable to touch.

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