hand2mind Foam Pattern Blocks, Foam Shapes, Geometric Shapes for Kids, Pattern Play, Toddler Pattern Blocks, Shapes for Kindergarten, 3D Shapes Manipulatives, Sorting Math (Set of 100)


TRADITIONAL PATTERN BLOCKS FOR KIDS: Teach young learners to explore and analyze geometric shapes, dimensions, and spatial relationships with these multicolored blocks.
EXCELLENT FOR SHAPE SORTING: Kids can sort the foam pattern blocks by color group them by shapes, or create beautiful patterns!
MATH MANIPULATIVES: The six shapes are both a play resource and a hands-on manipulative for learning math.
EDUCATIONAL PATTERN PLAY: While children start building abstract designs, they are learning about symmetry, color and pattern patterns, three dimensions, negative space, and representational.
3D SHAPES MANIPULATIVES: Pattern blocks allow children to see how shapes can be composed and decomposed into other shapes.

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