High Contrast Senory Baby Toys,Black White High Contrast Soft Book High Contrast Baby Toys Baby Soft Book for Early Education


Double Sided Design: This double sided book for babies aged 0 to 6 months has 6 different colors and 12 animal and plant patterns. The toys can not only help infants’ early visual development, but also entertain their emotions and help them improve their cognitive ability.
Multi Functions: You can use the black and white baby soft book as the pad, and let your baby open the black and white baby soft book with his fingers to train his hand eye coordination and grip. You can also tie it in the crib to train your ability to raise your head and move the baby.
Stimulate Baby Retina and Optic Nerve: The newborn’s vision at birth is very blurred and can only be sensitive to light. After about 3 months, they can distinguish high contrast black and white. Our black and white baby sensory toys can effectively stimulate the baby’s retina and optic nerve, and stimulate its brain development.
Best Gift for Newborns: As a parent, you definitely want to give your child the best. The high contrast baby book focuses on helping newborns develop their visual functions help your child can grow in their learning. The black and white books for babies is the perfect gift for your baby.
Sturdy and Durable: The black and white high contrast soft book is made of sturdy fabric. Even if the baby holds or bites it, the 0‑6 month old baby toy is not easy to be damaged and is very durable.

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