IFOTIME Be Pens Washed Baby Soft-Tip Pen Can Watercolor Children’s 10ML Pens Education Magnetic Dinosaurs for Toddlers (Multicolor, One Size)


High Water Output Rate, Better Color Stacking, Pen-type Packaging, Correct Coloring And Hooking
Soft Pen Tip, Can Draw Fine Lines And Large Areas Of Color, Bright Colors, Delicate Coloring, Good Color Stacking Effect, Good Coverage
1X Children’s Watercolor Pen Can Be Washed With Soft-tip Brush (24 Colors)
The Pen Barrel Of The Watercolor Pen Is 16.2CM Long And Designed For The Baby, Which Makes The Baby More Comfortable To Grasp, Has A Larger Capacity, And More Durable Ink. The Cap Has An Air Hole Design And An Emergency Hole To The Child’s . In The Event Of Accidental Swallowing Of The Pen Cap, This Small Hole Can Ensure The Trachea Not Completely Blocked

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