Kumprohu Expandable Breathing Ball Sphere Shrink Ball Toy, Colorful Inflatable Ball Expandable Magic Ball Expanding Relax Breathing Magic Ball Toys to Handle All Kids & Adults Stress Needs


Pre-school Educational Toys: Grasping can stimulate the development of the baby’s brain, thereby improving the baby’s actual ability. Rainbow Shrinking Ball can also help improve children’s imagination and hand-eye coordination.
Color Expansion Ball: Rainbow Shrinking Ball has a variety of beautiful colors, open to expanding, and then shrinking back to its original size, just like magic. Your child will love watching the toy stretch and retract.
Relieve : Expandable Breathing Ball is a good product to keep children busy and relieve stress on parents. Very suitable for mobile kids or friends.
Chic Gifts: Expandable Breathing Balls are meaningful gifts for most people. They look beautiful and have bright colors. In addition, these Breathing Balls can not only be used as fun playthings but also exercise patience and bring you many benefits.
Environmental Material: Breathing Ball is made of environmentally protective material, which is safe and harmless. Expandable Breathing Ball is reusable, smooth and has no sharp edges, and will not hurt children’s hands.

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