LIRDDY Montessori Animal Building Block & Puzzle for Kids or Toddler,Best Educational Toy as Birthday Gift for Baby Girl or Boy,Wooden Toddler Toys


Wooden Puzzles & Cute Animal:This wooden toddler puzzle includes tiger, cat, dog, elephant, camel, crocodile, giraffe and more, set of 13 pieces , Combined with the shape of animal building blocks, the baby can also know these cute animals in the process of playing; a safe and simple educational toy specially developed for 2-3 year olds.
Easy to play:This wooden puzzle for kids , designed based on Montessori method to provide better educational toy;The free building process helps develop children’s imagination, concentration and balance skills. To build it higher requires more focus and attention, as well as balanced awareness, help developing your toddler’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor and Ability to solve problems.
Montessori Toys:This Montessori Puzzle will bring great fun for kids.The Montessori Toys will provide opportunities for children to learn about kinds of cute animal’s shapes, and help them build their awareness of animal.
Benefits of this kind of play for a toddler:Independent movements of each finger/Strengthens hand muscles/Bilateral coordination skills (two-handed coordination)/Visual motor skills (eye-hand coordination)/Visual perceptual tasks (directionality)/Fine motor skills (separation of hand, finger dexterity)/Promotes grasp pattern/Focus and attention
Wonderful Gift:Montessori play that is open ended and allows child’s imagination to grow! Sensory play have so many incredible benefits for your child’s development! Sensory play boosts language development, fine motor skills, and helps reduce anxiety! It will be a wonderful gift for your child!

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