Omaiyoupin Moving Sand Art Decor Lamp, Sand Art Liquid Movement and 3D deep sea Mobile Sand Landscape for Table Toys and Decoration, Relaxation, Rotatable Quicksand Painting Light (7 in-Black)


Indulge in the landscape – the flowing deep-sea sand will form another new landscape map with the continuous rotation. Immerse in the slowly flowing sand and watch the slowly forming landscape map, as if you are in the mountains and rivers, the gurgling water , purify the mind, relieve the fatigue of a day’s study/work, relieve stress, and give you a comfortable experience.
Visual and Interactive Art – the product has been carefully sanded, using glass, high transparency, carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, flow out of the pattern of 3D effect is excellent,The light is even and flicker-free, the light is flexible, protects your eyes, makes you feel soothed, soothed and relaxed, you will get an unexpected and unique beauty.
Moving Sand Table Lamp-With three light adjustment modes: warm light, natural light and cool white light. Use soft light, do not hurt the eyes. You can put it on the bedside table and watch the healing quicksand paintings to help you fall asleep and release the stress of the day. Using usb interface, button control, Each touch can change the light type, Different Modes creates a different atmosphere to meet your daily needs.
High-value gifts- Express your heavy feelings by expressing your own feelings in the landscape and presenting them to a special person. For office workers, students with heavy studies, and people who work on computers for a long time, a landscape painting full of artistic conception is the perfect complement to their desks. Being in the murmuring water can wash away fatigue, inspire thoughts, and improve efficiency.
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