S.N.P Sports Smiley Face Squeeze Ball for Kids and Adults for Stress Relief, Support in Anxiety and Playing (Set of 10)


Smiley face printed at the center of the ball for additional fun and relief from stress and frustration.
ADORABLE HAPPY SMILE FACE DESIGN WILL MAKE YOU SMILE : which will immediately improve your mood, because the simple action of thinking about a smile and the muscles you use when you do, triggers positive and happy chemicals in your brain.
GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF : Mundeya Stress relief squeeze balls squishies are proven to relieve stress as all of your energy and focus is being redirected and taken out on the stress ball.
STRESS BALLS ARE A GREAT SELF REGULATION THERAPY TOOL : that can help facilitate focusing and concentration!
FUN FOR ANYONE AGES 3 & OLDER: Whether you’re at school or at work, our bulk stress balls is fun for anyone at any age!

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