SHYUXI Deformation Ball Magic UFO Deformation Ball Step on Bouncing Ball with Light UFO Ball Elastic Luminous Toy 6灯


Color; Four colors of red, purple, blue and green correspond to four luminous models
Internal structure; Upgrade the high suction suction cup and skillfully use the nut to increase the weight of the ball and improve the hand feel.
texture of material; It is made of strong and durable ABS material. The soft rubber material is not easy to be damaged. The two forms can be switched freely. Press the yellow center with your palm and directly fit up and down. It can remain intact after many throws. You don’t have to worry about its quality at all
Lighting; Cool dynamic light sensing. There will be colorful lights when subjected to external forces. It is more cool when pressing or catching the ball. You can also play happily at night.
Playing method; A ball can be played in various ways, such as football, pet Frisbee, throwing sandbags, basketball and Frisbee, so as to exercise children’s sports ability and make children’s childhood colorful.

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