Super Z Outlet 12 Pack Colorful Puzzle Erasers Miniature Pencil Erasers Children Party Favors, Classroom Student Prize Packs, Brain Teasers


Small sized eraser puzzles that are made up of smaller shapes. Fun to disassemble and try to put back together as well as being a useful school supply. Welcome your students to the classroom by handing them out in favor bags on the first day of school.
Includes a variety of many different colors. Each eraser is made up of smaller individual pieces. They come in many assorted colors and styles so there is something for everyone. Correcting mistakes has never been this much fun and vibrant.
Each puzzle is designed to challenge young kids to improve the minds sharpness and alertness. A mind stimulating novelty toy that makes solving problems through trial and error fun for all. This collection of erasers features fun and practical to use daily.
Every order comes in a package of 12 assorted erasers. Each eraser can be disassembled into smaller separate pieces. Perfect party favor novelty erasers for you or your child’s next birthday party event.
Each complete eraser measures approximately 1″ inch. Smaller piece measurements will vary. Makes an excelent value for the quantity as it gives you more options and uses. They can also make great educational tools!

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