Uvini Micro Blocks Adult Building Blocks Unicorn Toy Set, Unicorn Model to Build, Best Gift for Girls, Adult Gift 897pcs


Product Features: High-quality ABS Plastic, micro bricks 897 Pieces
Step-by-step: The product is difficult to assemble, but with detailed instructions, according to the instructions can quickly get started with your fantacy block unicorn.
Lovely Gift: The blocks are a very meaningful decoration and gift after assembling. After their own hand-assembled block model, as a gift, really sincere, block camera model is also very cute. Perfect for stores, book bars, living rooms and other places as decoration, very warm and lovely.
Excellent quality parts, smooth surface without barbs.
Warm Tips: This block contains small particles of blocks, please pay attention to the use and placement, suitable for people over 15 years old; If you have any problems in the assembly process, please tell us in time!

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